Date of the machine: 80 'certainly
Origin of the machine: Spain
Country of purchase: France
Serial No.: 19236
Power: 500 W
Open Boiler, Spring returning lever
Tamper size: 51mm
1 filter 2T

Translated by Geoffrey

We were, with Pascal, in a discussion about other things and when I told him about my super moka (type arin) and its defective resistance, he told me he had recovered a "crap" (according to his words) with all the appearance of an arin; At least of certain parts but having been cobbled together.
Something that was lying in a corner of his house pending the time. He proposed me to recover all, when, in fact, only the resistance seemed useful.
 I must say that I had seen pictures of this UFO ( Unusable Fucking Object).
But, it was all or nothing and anyway just for the price he has paid for himself rid the previous owner.

I have to admit I was shocked when I discovered the first images!
Here, in addition to being happy to get the resistance
I wondered what’s gone through the head of Pascal when he bought this...thing,
and the berserk which has letting off steam on this poor.

So, here we see that it is the gear type "arin" and I have a little spare parts.
But, finally we don’t change a lever every day. Curiously there is a tank at the rear. A tank yes, but of cold water!
 It’s the first time I see a small lever machine with a reserve of cold water.

I got the idea to turn the flanks.
This is already better.

At this point I think that it is not possible that this machine is not alone in the world.
And then, that makes tilt in my mind! Francesco Ceccarelli’s site on which I often go,
(if not every day), I remember that there were two models of Arin !... bingo!
The solution was there! how it’s possible that I didn’t think sooner about it ?
Arin has indeed made a second machine and it is a copy in poor condition.
This is the machine in reality
(photo unique and transmitted by the irreplaceable and generous Francesco)

Yes! it looks prettier thus. I can’t repeat it’s flanks the same as original but putting plexiglass sides should give it a breath of life.

Thus major dismantling (in fact, some small bolts).


The same lever has it’s sister. Machine’s identification. Casing of sheet metal ...
rippled by the passing of time

Same group Same heating element Thermostat with blades

And THE tank

I make cardboard templates.

A sink drain and a carafe stopper should do the work

It only remain to find plexiglass sheets, that I finally found in England for a relatively modest sum.
The ivory color seems the most sustainable in the acceptance, even though I was tempted by bright colors or multicolored.
Two plates, not the right to be wrong when cutting or drilling.


Adjustment of the plates was very painstaking because they were bent.
The good idea I had, is to drill the last hole at the very end of the operations,
which allowed me to cheat for easier assembly, but not that much.

I am missing a rod which passes through the rear side to side in order to maintain the set.

I was told it look like a Mini Gaggia and that’s true.

Anyway, It looks great ! Its own personality, some personable.