Date of the machine :  06.1968
Origin of the machine  : Spain
Country of purchase : Spain
Serial number : 24900
Power : 450 W
Opened boiler, spring operated lever
Tamper size: 
1 filter 1T

Translated by Happy

I bought this machine from these only ones two photos, without further information.
A bit worried as I didn't know if it was going to work or not.



At receipt:

Renovation works:
At this moment I think that there are two Bambina's model.
Luxury one, with its shining metal as i used to see, and mine with a raw and mat metal...
It was without counting on the triple-zero steel wool. Then what was old is (almost) new again !



Earth ground was originally lacking on this Bambina.



The seal was brittle... indeed has broken.

The spring is hyper compressed, I was lucky enough not to take it in my face while dismantling.

Not to mention the reassembly !!! Fortunately my friend Armand was there to help me out.
(this is not the right method on the picture, but tricky one)

Furthermore, It is completely useless to unsettlethe spring/piston set.
But I could not know, finding strictly no information about that on the Internet.
Then, one seal, two or more ?
I really had to find out for sure.
In fact there is only one and it's accessible by the bottom.
I'll tell you quite frankly, for-tu-nate-ly !

...I'd have to invite him for a cup of coffee some day....

With its brand-new seal.

The bassinelle's grid was missing, so I made one using the carcass of an old amplifier.


This machine has no thermostat and there's only one possible temperature value due to its unique heating element.
It is full manually-operated, but the advantage with these open boilers is that we can slide in a thermometer probe to monitor...
guaranteed to impress your guests, ready to call the madhouse o/O
Besides that, most of the time I use those machines solo, because it's almost unmanageable for more than one...
unless on express request.

 Next to a mini.

One of my favorites, though i prefer them all. :-))

Adding an home-made grid, Bambina-style.