Model from : 60’ years early certainly
Origin : Italy
Country of purchase: Italy
Serial No.: /
Power consumption: 700 W
Open boiler - spring return lever
Tamper size: 45mm
One double filter basket

Translated by Geoffrey

Here, I should admit that this one, is a machine that made me dreaming the most. It is uncontrollable and I do not think it’s due to his name, no it’s not.

No, but this shape, this silhouette and more importantly in its red dress !! ...must be a fantasy...
then I had the opportunity to buy one... with this single photo as a sales argument !

A single photo available and the market price (one might say) to make my choice.

Listening only to my irrationality, the deal was done ! o/O

Upon arrival :

Wow! there's lot of work ...

But the frame is healthy, it’s gona be ok

The color is lackluster, it worries me

A bit of cleaning is required, we begin by dismantling

The spring is very easy to remove, no excessive strain

 ouch !,  that not had to serve for a while

Again broken gaskets, so rugged by the time

Let’s work

Redden pasta for automotive industry (what’s the name of that ??)

Some compound

And here are the new gaskets

Reassembly time

No thermostat, only one heating value, no earth connection,... well...a beauty in simplicity !

What else.. words are useless

False... I have to had; A forum’s friend, Mike, had no chance with his Bruni and then he generously gave me his grid. Then mine is complete !

A great thank you Mike ;-)

Well, here we are, nothing to had, contemplate only