Date of the machine: 60s or 70s  certainly
Origin: Italy
Purchase Country: Belgium
Serial No.: 24229
Power: 1000 W
close Boiler, spring return lever
Tamper size: 51mm
1 2C Filter and 1 1C filter

Translated by Max Volta

After having refurbished my Europiccola, I was happily twirling around between some pump machines and my Pavoni. I was quite satisfied with the extractions of my one and only lever, but levers haven't yet popped up much more into my mind.

And one day, a machine appears on the "for sale" section of a forum. A Faema.

I skip. Faema sounds more like big and heavy machine to me.
But out of pure curiosity, I eventually check that topic to know how that machine looks like. And damn. Thats not bad. Not bad at all. Quite original!

I drop a line to the seller, who had the good idea to not post a link about that machine. But it appears that someone has an option on it.
I must confess that would not be my today's state of mind, but at that time, I had to say: "Too bad".

And what a surprise when that other one finally gave up. Bingo!
It was waiting in a warehouse sale (at the according price of warehouse sale experts :-) ), in Belgium. And Belgians are really nice guys (and be sure I'm not toadying: living in north-eastern France, I know quite a bit about that strangely speaking people, who knows their job about producing the very finest beer in the world). It was then no big deal to find a Belgian forum member, who wanted to try his brand new car, that proposed to pick it up and drop it to my house, packaged with a mazzer mill!

 un GRAND Merci à Patrizio donc.

After reception:

As-is, when it was still in Belgium:

Beware, Nautilus!

Once arrived, only a bit a cleaning is needed.
Except that, once on, it's boiling on the upper part of the lid!? Is this the reason of the price?…
Oh, no, wait, a seal is missing! Thanks caffeinomanes for the kind help and generosity: Francesco sends one to me, saying "let's see later for the payment".

Loads of original accessories \o/

A bit of polishing "triple zéro" 000

Old-school wiring

Cleaned boiler. Almost.
 Awesome design

Just like the Europiccola, this Faemina uses 2 warming values, min/max, with a noisy whisper.

My few readings about that Faema wasn't really convincing about the extraction quality. I even had a doubt when buying since I read about it before…

Finally, not so! One of my 3 monsters, very easy to handle, with that strange and complex beauty I'm never tired of.
Use with patience. Or maybe that's just me, who needed to take the time again.