Year of production : 1994
Country of Origin : Italy
Country where it was purchased : France
Serial number : MA 490037
Power : 1450 W
Closed boiler, Piston actuated by spring
Dimension of the tamper : 51mm
1 double filter and 1simple filter

Translated by Enzo

Well, this monster comes from a junk shop, where it stayed for a while before it reached the price I though was the correct one.
There was a lot of dust, and above all, the nefarious reputation of this machine to be a tank eater, because of the nature of the tank itself.
Aluminum … not great! There were some surprises when I opened it, but after a nice and deep cleaning, things did get much better, even if the tank had to endure some minor damages, which I hope won’t evolve bigger.

But I have to admit it, this monster is a pure beauty, that’s it.
 A delight to look at.


Not great…
...Not great…

 ...Not great…

...Not great…!

Close to the faemina

Hum! hum!

But nevertheless a beauty, this helps to reassure when starting.

The Europicola at its knees.

Cleaning starts…

Even if the inside seems quite clean,
it is well stuck by limestone.

So what !
(tool loaned by the irreplaceable Armand)
Cleaning of the gaskets… 

I... really should think to buy him a coffee one of these days…

Unscrew the bottom to set the pressurestat.

You don’t need to unscrew all the screws, it’s useless =)

Well, here the explanation is clear.

Today… a wonder

Yeah, yeah…

A machine that I can leave without custody, modernism has some good.

This machine works in an astonishing silence, it changes from the pressure cookers I’m used to deal with!

The thermostat regulates the heat in an optimal
way and with 1450W, it runs fast!

Did I tell you it was a wonder ?