Date of the machine: 60s certainly
Origin: Italy
Purchase Country: France
Serial No.: /
Power: 550 W
open Boiler, lever returns manually
Tamper size: 43 mm (1,7 inch)
1 2C Filter

Translated by Houtch

At reception:
In this case it is difficult to speak about its state when received. In fact, when I bought the VAM (the other), I was persuaded to have the ultimate arrarex ... screwed!
I just had not seen its grid was lacking. As I expressed my disappointment on a forum, it appeared that a caffeineophile of this site had a complete one, but in bad shape.
He kindly gave it to me at scrap price, thank you Pierre. This Caravel had what is most feared by leveristas wich is a dead resistor so Pierre had the idea to put an internal one.
To do this, he had to make holes in the tank, but the idea has seemed inconclusive and thus it landed in my kitchen.

Inevitably, it is a-priori only scrap ... 


but doesn't it look great next to its predecessor?
and who knows it has a terrible secret?

Then I got the idea of starting it. After all, it is complete and has even inherited the makeshift grid that I had crafted for MVA.
Just needed to find a way ... like Pierre from the inside or as it was at origin, by an external resistor
It turns out that at work, a filter coffee machine was lying around, unused for years. I was curious to see what its resistor could look like.
And what a surprise, external resistor 500 W.
The only difficulty with this kind of external resistor was it had to have the same size or less than the tank's perimeter.Cause it had to re-engage it in the frame at last....
Impeccable! it barely goes but it goes\ O / the last part was to maintain it, I had my idea on that but my friend Armand, him, didn't know yet .. um hum.
This being said, a handyman is a handyman, and his idea, once I exposed him mine, was even better. He punched a hole by welding.
Then, on the second, he put a large screw from the inside and a sheet tightened by a nut from the other side pushing the resistor on the bottom of the tank. bingo!

...I should think about paying him a coffee one of these days ...

there, there is still the old thermostat
from the coffee machine.

Ooh là là! what a good idea!!

Yes, indeed, it works flawlessly and it now became my coffee machine at work, along with the nockit.

From this point of view,
doesn't it have an alien head?

The Caravel

Makeshift fortune that brought this machine here

Unalterable steel

Anyway alien head or not, I am the extra-terrestral when one can see me at work preparing a coffe with this machine...

But ... after tasting it, it is them who have a funny face, happy or not.