Date of the machine : Early 60 '(63?)
Origin of the machine: Italy
Country of purchase: France
Serial No.: 2204
Power: 700 W
Open Boiler, Spring returning lever
Joint Size:
Tamper size: 45 mm
Filter 1C & 2C

Translated by Geoffrey

Small Peppina, but not so small indeed. This machine is somewhat surprising, our meeting is a little strange.
Aesthetically, is just okay not more. It gave us Armand (to whom I owe a coffee one of these days) and I,
 a lot of
trouble !

On his arrival.

Well packaged.

First glance it looks not bad ..

I have the replacement seals, the great unmount operation / cleaning can begin.
Well, almost because to disengage the head from the foot, I need to use the screw extractor, it starts well.

Brrr... the piston. Disgusting !

And this is where it went wrong ... The three group’s screws were stuck, really. I've already seen that on the
Mike’s Como. Impossible to remove, such as welded by the time. I put a lot of penetrating oil and other
merriments, been left to act for several days. A wick passed away during the battle and the screw extractor
was at the breaking point.. we where two on it, incredible !
And finally, it came... sigh...
I love this vision of filth make me think about the last coffee this machine has given; Extracted through this
mountain of dirt ...

The thread has been retapped by Armand.

And new screws are nicely fitting the shining group.

A bright piston, cleaned tank and new seals
haaaa, yes, it gets better !

A beautiful chocolate tint to make coffee.

It's good when it starts to smell own

No way, I do prefer these versions for their tank, rather than following with the “tulip” like tank.

For a second test, it looks not too bad at all !