Date of the machine : October 1994
Origin of the machine : Spain (?)
Country of purchase : France
Serial number : 56655
Power : 450 W
Opened boiler, spring operated lever
Tamper size : 51 mm
1x 1cup filter

Translated by Spock

Well, an Arin on a well known auction website : I look without caring, as I already got one...
And then, I realise that on the side, it's not written "Arin" but "Super Moka". What a discovery !
First time I heard of it ! And I'm not the only one...
So this evening I put it in the "to follow" list, as she's been at 1€ for several days.
Next day, I look out of curiosity, and probably tired of not having any auction, the seller offers immediate purchase.
My hand reactivity being faster than my brain, I clicked on the "Buy" button...

Here is the machine, as discovered on the website.

And when it arrived, I had to unpack it !

The small spillage tray sometimes missing is there. And the owner's tour can now begin.

Not that bad from the outside !

Her number and caracteristics...

As she proudly displays the quality of material used.

Next to her almost twin sister.

But it's a Super Moka we're talking about.

The opening of the machine will keep some surprises from me.

That is not the worst

It has rusted on both sides, glups !

Her date.

All innocent like, that little metallic filter is really great.

She's working, but I still gotta change
 the seals. Unfortunately, I broke a little plastic piece of the indicator during disassembly.
 Well, I can find that in stores.
I finaly arrived at the end of cleaning, that was one of the dirtiest machines I've had ! But it finally shines.