Year of production : September 1969
Country of Origin : Italy
Country where it was purchased : Italy
Serial Number : 4058
Power : 1000W
Closed boiler, Piston actuated by spring
Dimension of the tamper: : 58mm
1 double filter 

Translated by Enzo
This machine was the result of a double opportunity that was presented to me, that is to say that it was purchased at the same time than the Bruni. An opportunity that I won’t have again in a while.
Moreover, to make Bruni and Kim travel head-to-foot …, I think that we are not that much who have been able to make them do that… Hum, well…

If purchasing the Bruni was more linked to an esthetic / passion impulse that I couldn’t contain, the purchase of the Kim was more out of curiosity, regarding its intriguing architecture. I wasn’t deceived.


A bit dirty, hat damaged.

The accessories, on the other side…

The disassembly can start … for a first cleaning

The spring was disassembled from the top, which means that I had to take off all the lever/spring part by unscrewing the four nuts.



Italian socket and here we can’t see it, but the switch is just soooo huge!
Inside, the spring compartment
with on the bottom the holes for water admission.
The crazy fastener, very pressure
 cooker like.

The piston of the Kim (left) close to the one of the Bruni.

A little trip on the inside just to check that the basic electrical wiring is clean.


The gaskets seemed in good shape. Vintage and serial numbers as well are well readable, unlike many other machines.

I knew that the restoration wasn’t completed yet, but I had succeeded in getting a first decent shot with it and laziness being what it is, I decided that I would finish its restoration later on… but at my second attempt to make a coffee, I had to face boiling water coming up from the top where the lever pin is. So I disassembled it to check the gaskets and that’s when I realized that the nuts from the lever/spring group were screwing into space! Ouch ouch ouch! Thread pitch was dead…
Pronto Armand? Huuuuuum, I have a new machine and… Well he just came, did reshape the threads, used bigger bolts to fix it and as it wasn’t enough, reshaped the small dent on the cover hat.

… I should really buy him a coffee
one of these days…

I ordered the gaskets on the other side of the Atlantic and while waiting I polished it.

An other machine that leaves me amazed  by its crazy esthetics and by the unique and exceptional quality
of the shots that I can pull out of it!

Finally I got the gaskets and now I can perfectly remove the spring/piston from the underneath. The tension is not that much and it allows leaving the screws quietly on their aluminum base. The reassembling is a tad harder, but I think it is the best solution.
I didn't have to wait long before I got the first shot and the result was awsome ! Woooou! And then the second shot was just as "woooooou" as the first =) and the third one, and all the following shots! I entered in a world of woooouu (amazing) shots.

This kim really deserves the 9 and 1/2 (out of 10) that she got a few years ago (somehow to me, she is just as wonderful as the other Kim ... the one from the movies =).