Date of Manufacture: 70
Country of Origin: France
Country of Purchase: France
Serial number: Unknown
Power: Gas
Boiler type: Closed
Lever type: Spring lever
Tamper Dimension: 58 mm
Filter baskets: single and double

Over several weeks I was preparing a coup. I was trying to acquire one of the very first Conti levers,
one that was manufactured in Paris.
I found the machine in an auction and won (yes, yes!) two large pre-war percolators.
I had joined the auction site and was ready for action and failed like a beginner.
I think I'll never show that much amateurism again, and yet I held all the cards.


In my quest for French machines, because they are not only Italian, I had succeeded in tracking
down my Unic Primor at a fair price.
Killing two birds with one stone, I had to pass that day on acquiring two more Conti monsters and return to acquire the Unic.
As you know now I would not have made the trip for the Unic, a trip filled with joy but tinged with bitterness.

The listing of the Unic foreshadowed a machine in its proper state, which was missing a portafilter and heated with gas. Definitely.

And once I brought it home, I could measure its strengths and respectable dimensions.
But it was oddly, significantly lighter than the Zenith ... which suggested a fight ahead.

It actually is relatively clean.

The good side. The sight glass, very original. The bad side. Missing …

One can see the safety valve and the cover for receiving an electric heating element.

The other side with the gas connector
to the ramp and the water supply.
The back of the machine is dirty but
in good condition.

Dismantling can begin.

The group

And a big surprise when disassembling the spring / piston / joints,
it is as if it was new or refurbished before being stored on the shelf.

The entrance of the group with its cap and interior.

A quick triple 0 and now the outside the group is as almost new.

I have absolutely not touched this part and it's really clean surprisingly, this is mysterious.
The piston can be dismantled in layers, like the Zerowatt 707.

I attack the tank. The word attack is right.

There is no movable flange on the sides, only a square hatch to install an electric heating element.

You can see that the hot gas has done its work.

You know about snow-covered landscapes? Believe it.

You can see some plastic straws in the boiler!
This was definitely a children's playground or the grandchildren in a retirement setting.

To be continued ..